Exposure therapy connects you with a qualified clinician who can help you learn to manage feared situations

Exposure Therapy

Meet with a qualified therapist who will help you reestablish a sense of safety by learning to manage feared situations

When we experience anxiety, we sometimes respond with avoidance. We avoid situations, people, or things that make us feel anxious. Fear is a natural part of life, but when it is out of proportion to the actual threat, or when it causes us to avoid things that are important to us (work, school, relationships, etc.) then it gets in the way of our wellbeing. Exposure therapy is an evidence-based treatment that helps a person to gradually learn how to manage their anxiety and stop avoiding. This is done through work in-session and between sessions. Exposure therapy has been shown to work for most people and is completed in a way that feels safe and supportive for the client. At Smarter Therapy, exposure therapy is completed with online sessions and structured work in between sessions. Exposure therapy is a great was to regain your life from anxiety.

About Exposure Therapy

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