If you’re like us, you may be busy with family, friends, work, and leisure. Your nearest behavioral health provider may be a far drive and perhaps all you’ve been offered so far is medication options.  You’ve tried psychotherapy or counseling before and quit after spending hard-earned time and money after it wasn’t effective.

Because of the lack of high quality, easily accessible behavioral health treatment, we created Smarter Therapy. We offer high quality, evidence-based online psychotherapy (research-backed) to the people of Ohio and beyond. Evidence-based psychotherapy means that they work for most people, most of the time. Most evidence-based psychotherapy is weekly, 45-minute sessions, lasting 12 weeks. It will involve skills practice outside of session to start improving and maintain improvement. Our providers are highly skilled in offering online evidence-based psychotherapy. You can access them from the comfort and convenience of your own home (or couch!). Sessions and your records are secure and all you likely need is the same device you used to access this website.

Currently Available in Ohio
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